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London> Paris> Italy

Can’t wait to plan the itinerary for the trip!! My mom’s doing the sightseeing and of course, i’m in charge of the SHOPPING. Okay materialistic or whatever, who isn’t la please, shopping makes me happy. I’m really excited to bring my books and film cameras too; totally soak up the culture of wherever i am. Maybe i could fill this space with pretty tumblr-esque pictures when i get back.

So many places i want to travel to… SO LITTLE TIME: Brazil, Spain, Whistler, Japan (again) haha okay more realistic ones for now are Thailand, HK, Batam/Bintan for wakeboarding, and a malaysia roadtrip (hopefully withoit getting mugged lol)

I get to plan 2 days of shopping in London, 1 day in Paris and 2 days in Italy, will post the rough idea i have up here later when i’m done with it! Kinda interesting to see whether it plays out according to plan or not…i’m sure it will still be wonderful though haha anywhere other than Singapore is pretty baus.

I’ll try my best to take tons of pictures and pay some sort of attention at galleries (haha no), and if i lose weight maybe tons of ootds haha going to plan my outfits (for once) (yay)

Right, my thoughts pretty much jump all over the place so if you don’t understand the language of incoherancy and confusion then this isn’t the place for you, but you are more than welcome to try^^ Afterall this is just a place to put my nonsense so i won’t forget it 10 minutes later haha