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Day 15: Venice

Waddup nigga. This was the day we took the free walking tour and visited the Doges Palace then San Marco Square. 20 more days till i’m back travelling by water bus and finding my way through old Venetian buildings. Ah bliss.

IMG_1332I really should photoshop a parrot on my shoulder in this photo hahahaIMG_1337IMG_1338IMG_1340IMG_1341IMG_1352Spammed pictures while waiting for the tour to start IMG_1353Markets!! They’re apparently super random popups so hopefully i’ll still manage  to see some this christmas *CHRISTMAS MARKET BLISS*IMG_1356IMG_1359IMG_136380 USD Gondola ride wtf IMG_1368IMG_1380IMG_1381IMG_1386IMG_1393IMG_1397IMG_1399IMG_1402IMG_1404IMG_1420IMG_1424IMG_1427IMG_1428IMG_1440IMG_1446IMG_1450IMG_1456IMG_1461Hogwarts vibes no?IMG_1466IMG_1467IMG_1470*why the fuck are you taking pictures of me dad i want to sleep face*IMG_1474Basilica under renoIMG_1480

IMG_1481Assassin’s Creed.IMG_1482IMG_1488IMG_1495

Till next time


Love y’all