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My Eyebags are GONE

Hey everyone! Remember this picture, I took it for an advertorial for my lashes by Eye Design which by the way, are still clinging on for dear life even after 3 weeks. AMAZING.IMG_2016-08-08 13:56:21Before posting, I edited my eye bags out and made my jawline sharper!! I do this for some of my pictures where my eye bags are really obvious. If you know me personally, you’d know i hate my eyebags. I have both eye bags and dark eye circles and they’re the worst burden ever. Even after 12 hours of awesome sleep I still look so exhausted because of the way the lines form under my eyes. I can use concealer to cover up the dark eye circles but there’s no covering up lines. And also, in real life i think my face is quite chubby hahaha850515164_9694206655811447546This is the unedited version. The lines under my eyes aren’t as obvious here because of the angle and makeup, but if i take it from a lower angle….850619832_13798052999337249936 You can see the lines even under 2 layers of concealer. All these are unedited by the way!850516847_8224441032807148437And they look the worst from this angle haha my under-eyes have been my biggest insecurity, not in the sense that my self image is affected by it, but i notice that it’s usually the first thing that most people point out when they see me, with or without make-up.

“Why do you look so tired?”

“Didn’t sleep well yesterday?”

No I slept the whole day but there’s nothing I can do!!  So yea I get pretty tired always having to explain and it keeps being pointed out to me that my eyes look really tired, and I feel it distracts attention away from other parts of my face since the adage goes “the eyes are the windows to your soul”. And they say say say until I really do feel tired to match how I looked.

Before, I was quite apprehensive about getting any procedures done, be it because of the possible negative side effects or the fear that perhaps I wouldn’t like the outcome that much and I would have to live with it for awhile. But the clean and comfortable environment at their clinic and the warm atmosphere created by their helpful staff and doctors helped me feel more assured and confident. Also, when i went for my consultation, the clinic was packed! Which shows the great relationships and trust they have been able to build with their existing customers as well.

After a consultation, Dr J suggested that I should get some under-eye fillers and botox for my jaw. I was probably looking really afraid at the time because he kept assuring me that they are very simple and routine procedure and there was nothing to be worried about.
DSC03987On the day of procedure
DSC03989 Washing my face and make-up offDSC03994 Right beforeDSC03985

DSC03996 So this is me before850519058_6669378702386600636

850514772_17455971340856209195 This is WITH under-eye make-up and the lines still can be seen
850514272_1792879414887027893 And after!!

Without undereye makeup:DSC04148

DSC04151 No lines!DSC04149 Just dark eye circles which I really can’t do much about right now as an overworked college studentDSC04172 with harsh lightingDSC04150 And with makeup!DSC04217

DSC04227 Even with my hair pulled back my jawline looks slimmer and sharper as compared to this….850613041_8523021409546144177HAHA so unglamorous but i was trying to show Jin these pair of sunglasses I regretted buying (for good reason too. I’m a human fishball.)DSC04177 No depression lines from the sideDSC04162And another picture i took with no editing
All the pictures i posted have no editing other than the first one that I used for comparison.

Overall, the procedures were quick and a maximum 3/10 pain level. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain though. The downtime was really short as well, I had some puffiness but did not experience any bruising and the results could be seen almost immediately. Although there was a slight tenderness at the injection point, I could wear makeup with no problems from the next day onwards.

I feel that overall my eyes look brighter, I look more awake and not exhausted all the time. The change to my eyes or my jaw isn’t drastic, which is what I appreciate as well because I didn’t want to change how I’d looked, just work with what I have and enhance it. I feel more confident going out with no make-up now and not having people ask me why I look so tired.

I was quite apprehensive before when it came to taking videos because video cannot edit my eye bags out but now I feel more confident and maybe I’ll start vlogging soon for the fun of it!

Before, even at the start of the day as I wash my face and I look at myself in the mirror, I see myself looking so tired, and I feel tired inside as well even though I literally just woke up. However, just a couple of days ago, after a 8am-10pm day in school, I went to the bathroom and when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t see an exhausted Stacey with deep eye bags under her eyes, but I looked, well perfectly normal. And that translated to a little boost of energy inside me as well and I felt like I could go home and finish the rest of my assignments. (I didn’t hahaha)

The Ministry of Health do not allow the mentioning of any clinic or doctor name in a blog.If you would like to check out where I have done my procedure in, kindly email

Till next time


Best Eyelash Extensions I’ve Ever Had!!

Hello you! It’s been forever and I have much updating to do, but first things first, EYELASH EXTENSIONS. This journey of my love/hate relationship with false eyelashes began a long while ago, I’d say starting from when I was 18 (alright it hasn’t been that long I’m not that old yet).

Anyway, I’ve always loved the volume falsies gave my lashes, it opened up and deepened my eyes, almost making me transform into a whole new person; however, they’re fucking uncomfortable. So I turned to wearing them only on occasion, special nights out with my girls, photoshoots, clubbing etc. But that sorely defeats the purpose – looking good meant I enjoyed less of whatever occasion I felt I had to look good for. Perhaps it’s the quality of the eyelashes I purchased as well, but in addition to the stiffness of the “backbone” of the falsies, I felt that the weight of them was unbearable. Not to mention the ordeal of removing the residue of glue the next morning. Heavy lashes meant tired eyes, tired eyes meant cranky Stacey, cranky Stacey meant she’ll just go home and sleep. So yea what the hell for.

I went without falsies for awhile, deciding that the inconvenience was just not worth it. Then came the epiphany – eyelash extensions. I’ve always known their existence but just never considered the idea of it. Perhaps due to the price and the fact that there are numerous stalls out there, I did not know where to go to get them done and I definitely did not intend to spend 100+$ to find out they were shit. But as one fateful day would have it, I had too much time on my hands and a stall in Far East Plaza was having a promotion for first timers.

It was the worst experience of any aesthetic service I have ever had. Absolute worst.

The glueing of the first eyelash extension onto my eyelash came with a searing pain, followed by a good half an hour of tearing. Then came the reassurance of the beautician that this is “normal” and “glue hurts”. That was pretty much when I knew I fucked up. After the torturous procedure was completed, I even had to hold a tiny fan in front of my face for 10 minutes to let the glue dry (wtf?), I sat there with my eyes glued shut thinking about how clean the fan was and the amount of bacteria it was currently spewing into my face. When I was done, I opened my eyes and tried to look at my eyelashes through whatever view my swollen eyes would allow and they were too long. Fml. Being a eyelash extension noob I just went with what length the beautician suggested and opted for a softer lash. The lashes were thick and the blackest of blacks; the length was so extreme it could almost touch my brows. Needless to say, I did not go back. And pretty much swore off eyelash extensions as well. Resigned to my fate of short eyelashes and one dimensional eyes.

If you’ve read all the way through, I can assure you I’m not this dramatic in real life. Most of my friends though, would beg to differ haha

I have been approached by some eyelash extension sponsors in the past but have always been weary. UNTIL!!! The lovely people from EyeDesign popped me a little dm offering their services! I did a little clicking and was pleasantly surprised to find that they are a JAPANESE salon!! If you know me, you would know I am obsessed with EVERYTHING Japanese. So yes, definitely if I were to put my stumpy eyelash trust into the hands of anyone, it would be the Japanese.

They messaged me in July when I was still in LA, so I made an appointment for August when I would return, I was happy to find that their response and service was very quick despite the 16 hour time difference!

Fast forward to today, THESE ARE THE BEST EYELASH EXTENSIONS I HAVE HAD and frankly, I believe will ever have. Allow me to elaborate:

DSC03916 When I first stepped in, I was greeted by an inviting atmosphere, clean environment and very Japanese salon design. Obviously love at first sight, this place screams Muji.DSC03919 EyeDesign is a eyelash extension salon by Devonshire Selected Salons. Basically they’re a group started by professionals from Japan, who aim to bring the best salons in Tokyo to Singapore. They have two hair salons and one eyelash extension salon.ZQNLY When you enter, you’ll see the Maris Hair & Treatment salon on your right and the Eye Design studio on your left. I love that everything is so authentically Japanese; EyeDesign is one of Tokyo’s most trusted lash extension chains and I’m so glad they’re here now in Singapore!

Products here are produced inhouse to ensure the highest quality ingredients and minimize the occurrences of any allergic reactionsDSC03918 I sat in this comfy couch as I waited and was given a form to fill out, detailing my past eyelash extension experiences, what kind of lashes I was expecting etc. Shortly after, Yumiko, my therapist for the day came out and talked about the different type of lashes they have and which suited my eyes the best. She suggested the airy lash which is the most popular option and I told her I would like a more cat eye effect rather than doll eyed. And also I wouldn’t like them too long (lol throwback to my last extensions that were so long I could probably tie them in a pony tail. jk I exaggerate).

Airy lashes are available from 2D-6D, meaning there are 2-6 lashes on one lash tip that will be glued to your natural eyelash. Hence giving you the volume without sticking too many individual lashes on.


DSC03920 Do not be fooled, the blankets they give you are ultra soft and I felt like melting under the covers.
DSC03907 Left: Started Application Right: Bare Lashes

The entire experience was 100% painless and soooo comfortable. In fact, I fell asleep during the application multiple times and Yumiko had to keep shifting my head because I was nodding off repeatedly HAHA It felt like she barely put anything on because I could feel NOTHING on my eyes and I was so surprised to see lashes that framed my eyes perfectly. The entire process took about 1.5 hours and I did not have to fan or any of that nonsense ever!!

IMG_2016-08-08 13:56:28This is 1 week after application, and it’s still so damn comfy i think wearing contact lenses are more uncomfortable than this. Sometimes I actually forget that I have lash extensions on and I get surprised when I look in the mirror lol downside of this is also I accidentally rub my eye… but the glue they use is quality and despite the accidental rubbing only 1 lash has dropped!

On me I have 400 Airy Lashes and Yumiko chose the perfect length for me, 9-11mm, which was long enough to give me enough volume but not too long so it still looked natural.

DSC03927The following day I met up with Rocio and she was so in love with my new lash extensions as well!! By the way, she also swore off lash extensions but after seeing mine was seriously reconsidering getting hers done as well.

DSC03934Randomly add in some of the amazing food i ate that day.

IMG_2016-08-08 13:56:21And back to more selfies woohoo!! Been taking them non stop now because I LOVE MY LASHES. Definitely going to go back for more!! They do lower eyelash extensions too so will be trying that out!!

Good news they have a promotion now as well!

Enjoy Unlimited eyelash if your are new to EyeDesign!
$100 (Natural eyelash) and $130 (Airy eyelash)

You can see their price list at

Eye Design

60 Tras Street #02-01/02
Singapore 078999
Tel +65 6221-2855/ +65 97735401 

Opening hours: 11am-9pm. They’re closed on Tuesdays!

It’s super convenient to get there as well! just a 5 min walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt. This is a plus for me of course. Firstly, I hate the humidity and heat in Singapore. Secondly, you do your lashes until so chio then let sweat ruin it all. NO WAY.

So yes, please do check them out if you’re looking around for a good lash extension place. I highly recommend it, confirm no regrets haha.

Till next time!


Arts District, Los Angeles

Hi I’m back!! After a terribly long hiatus I’ve finally returned to this blog. If you don’t know already, I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles, California for school! I moved here in December but I haven’t posted much about it at all haha many people have been asking me to post more pictures of my travels so here’s a small photo dump of where i went exploring yesterday! I guess i’ll write more about my experiences in time to come but school has just been so crazy and enjoyable, social media has become a chore hahaDSC03315Went to a Japanese Buddhist Temple as research for an Cultural Anthropology project I’m working on in school. Been toying with the idea of double majoring in Psych and Anthro or at least minoring in Anthro or Sociology. DSC03312 DSC03314Somehow wherever I go, I end up gravitating towards anything Japanese. Hopefully Waseda works out!!(hehehe) So refreshing to see authentic Japanese culture in downtown LA!
DSC03301 DSC03306Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

815 East First St

Los Angeles, CA 90012DSC03321After that I went to grab sushi! I found myself in lil tokyo, so how could I resist the temptation of sushiDSC03323 DSC03326 Sushi Go 55

333 S Alameda St

Los Angeles, CA 90013

DSC03357 Got lost while walking back to my car and stumbled upon the Arts District area! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.DSC03381 DSC03346 DSC03349 DSC03356 DSC03355 DSC03348 DSC03345 DSC03344 DSC03342 DSC03341 DSC03366POKETO FLAGSHIP
820 E 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013 DSC03365 DSC03360 DSC03363 DSC03364DSC03362 DSC03361 DSC03367 Missed out the name of this place! But I loved the vibes and had a coffee outside too. Probably enjoyed my latte too much i forgot to take a picture haha
DSC03373 Omotesando vibes~~~DSC03369 DSC03371 DSC03368 DSC03358 DSC03377 DSC03339 DSC03335 DSC03333 IMG_6204 DSC03359

Till next time! And i promise that will be soon haha I have a ton of pictures from my trip with Jin to Tokyo before i came to LA 🙂


Under Armour Women of Will Workout

Hey everyone!:) I’ve been going for classes like Yoga and MMA at the Armour at the Bay events @ Fullerton Bay, and i’ve always got a good workout from it. If you’ve been wanting to join some of the classes we go to but the schedule (every Tuesday 6.30pm/7.30pm) doesn’t work in your favour, or you paiseh to join for the first time….i have great news! Under Armour has organised the WOMEN OF WILL Workout for us ladies to come together to work out and to show our support for breast cancer awareness and fitness as a lifestyle!

Where: Capitol Piazza

When: This Saturday, 7 November 2015. 3;30pm onwards.

Who: Open to everyone of all fitness levels! There are different classes available, just have to choose those you’re more comfortable with. As having been to these classes personally, i can assure you that the instructors are very attentive and patient to make everyone of all fitness levels are well accommodated to. Also, if you have any previous injuries or discomfort, just let them know beforehand and they’ll be able to swop out some exercises to ones that better cater to your needs. This is all possible due to the smaller class size too!

There are workouts such as yoga, spinning, Pilates, CrossFit and MMA led by established gyms, so sign up with your girlfriends and let’s workout together!
The event also has sharing sessions by Under Armour athlete and national tennis player Sarah Pang, as well as the Paddlers in Pink, a dragon boat team of breast cancer survivors and supporters from the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation.
Each session is only $10 and all proceeds go to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation! This is also open to both men and women.
Have fun!!

Forgotblueberry x Desperados Weekend at HHN5

Yay finally blogging about my weekend with Desperados! So if you follow me on instagram (@staceymanoharan) you’d know, a couple of weeks ago, i went to the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore @ Resorts World Sentosa for a weekend and also Halloween Horror Nights 5 at USS all thanks to the lovely people Desperados.

They sent a driver to pick us up and we got to Sentosa in the morning. Hadn’t had breakfast and because check in was at 3pm, we went looking around for a place to eat. Settled on a local food court kinda place next to USS and had some pork rib noodle thing.

DSC00748DSC00757Did a bit of shopping the went to the aquarium!
DSC00814 MORE FISH. It was halloween themed that day so there was bones and skulls everywhere pretty cool
After the aquarium the timing was just nice to check in!DSC00961They pimped out our room and it was AMAZING. Really appreciated the effort and detail that went into all of it.DSC00981 Great way to start the day wwwDSC00984 DSC00967 To be completely honest, i’ve only tried Desperados once or twice before this and it was whilst having other alcoholic drinks so i couldn’t fully appreciate it. But after this, (i’m not paid to say this) it’s pretty darn good. Not too bitter, a bit fruity and refreshing, best of all, 5%. Need i say more.DSC00958 DSC00975 Like i said, detailed.DSC00978 DSC00972DSC00987DSC00990Received my mystery box which contained my 3 challenges for the day!DSC00993DSC00999DSC01002DSC01005DSC01017All the stuff in the box! For our first challenge we had to take a flat lay of all the items in the box. For the second, it was to take a selfie with a 20 year old, the same age as Desperados! And for the third, it was to take an ootd after a great weekend with Desperados.
DSC01068Pretty cool themed mirror in the room *rockstar dressing room vibes*

————–DSC01065Later at night we headed for our night at HHN5 at USS!

DSC01023IMG_0982DSC01035 DSC01038
They even included express tickets for us so we queued maybe max 10 mins for each ride? It was awesomeDSC01059 DSC0106205FA052C-B123-4514-A6AC-14058B6BD505DSC01044IMG_0990 Cool Desperados cups that light up! I really like how they try to make everything so different and eye-catching.


Next morning we had chinese for breakfast lunch hahaDSC01071 DSC01077DSC01089And spent the rest of the day at the “beach”DSC01099 This is the pool in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore @ Resort World Sentosa  and i actually found it so convenient haha i really wanted to go to the beach but didn’t want to travel so far so this was a great compromise. And plus the sand was artificial so you didn’t get that sandy grimy feeling in your toes.DSC01102 DSC01105

That’s it for my weekend! I had an awesome time with Desperados and the people there are so friendly and patient couldn’t have wished for more.

I’m so sorry i haven’t been posting much but now as work slows down i definitely will. Especially since i’m going to be travelling to Japan and LA soon!

Till the next adventure!








Perth, Australia [4]

CAN I JUST GO BACK TO PERTH NOW:'( so sick of the Singapore heat…. we went to Swan Valley that day and visited more wineries and got even more drunk than i usually am haha At first i thought the were horses, and exclaimed “horsies!”one too many times, then this kid came up to me and was like “it’s a cow.” lol fml see la never wear glasses. Honey farm. THERE WERE BEES EVERYWHERE.Sa Aforementioned kid that burned my ass earlier. Winery number i don’t know how many Beautiful vineyard ft. my swollen eye and i
Is this hipster enough yet. Cheeseeeeee The design of the facility was pretty awesome “Look at all this space!” lol dad pls. yea you know what’s up Needless to say i stuffed my face and only regretted it 2 hours later.

Till next time cuties!

Will blog about my airpot haul:)


Perth, Australia [3]

Went exploring with the fam bam and chanced upon the blue house that i keep seeing everyone take pictures with. So what else to do but to take pictures with it too right?? Asians Vineyard #1 IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1597 IMG_1602 IMG_1604 IMG_1608 IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1623 IMG_1626 IMG_1636 IMG_1643 IMG_1634 IMG_1630 IMG_1646 IMG_1636 IMG_1654 I drank too much and ko-ed outside lol IMG_1659 Ya i’m wearing the same dress (don’t judge) because i literally boarded the plane with one carry on. My tiny bucket bag hahaha IMG_1663 Chocolate FactoryIMG_1665 IMG_1670 IMG_1675 FREE CHOCOLATE ALL OF THIS So naturally…. EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE LOL  IMG_1672 Papa mano Looked better than it tasted tbh

Exciting (or maybe just exciting for me) news soon!!

Hope your week is going awesome! If it isn’t, well then it can only get better from here right!!!

Till then cuties


Perth, Australia [2]

Let me start this post with an exciting trip to the….GROCERY STORE. I just get a kick out of visiting groceries in other countries and trying to spot differences, then buying all the differences haha We mostly went shopping the whole day, and later in the evening i met Marcus who coincidentally was in Perth too! How is cheese vegan can someone explainSay what? I don’t know why but i was very amused by the array of plastic tupperware containers they had for saleWe need this in Singapore. Or at least in my kitchen. EVERYTHING IS SO HEALTHY I NEED THIS PART 2 Mom was very intrigued by organic juices NUTS

DIY Dinner #OOTD Best daddy in the world bought me hot chocolate<3Leaving our apartment and he’s taking out the trash! I had to take a picture cos for the past 21 years of my life i’ve never seen him take out the trash before hahahaahOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#shootfilm and btw i’m in love with my bucket bag, it’s so cheap so i don’t really mind throwing it around, but yet the leather feels so soft and it’s pretty sturdy. And best part, it can hold EVERYTHING.I love target.Thanks daddy<3Revolutionary.Only after i came back then i realised they have this in Singapore too… but actually now that i compare these two, the one in Perth had more choices and variety for it’s selection of ingredientsMy mom never eats burgers, but here she is ordering another one.Fish and chips with Marcus!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChilled on the beach till after sunset and it was pretty dope. Had a lot of fun!

Till next time


Venice! Again! [2/2]

Looking through my Venice photos makes me miss it so much:( Can’t believe this was just last year! Time passes so fast… I remember this was the day we went to all the christmas markets and i kept stopping everyone because i couldn’t stop shopping hehe in the end we were still out in the cold shopping till 8 or 9 hahahaI’m really hungry now sobbles

Thanks to everyone who came to my party and wished my happy birthday! And took pictures! Your well wishes and presence was much appreciated even though i was running around the whole night hahah

Till next time!