My Eyebags are GONE

Hey everyone! Remember this picture, I took it for an advertorial for my lashes by Eye Design which by the way, are still clinging on for dear life even after 3 weeks. AMAZING.IMG_2016-08-08 13:56:21Before posting, I edited my eye bags out and made my jawline sharper!! I do this for some of my pictures where my eye bags are really obvious. If you know me personally, you’d know i hate my eyebags. I have both eye bags and dark eye circles and they’re the worst burden ever. Even after 12 hours of awesome sleep I still look so exhausted because of the way the lines form under my eyes. I can use concealer to cover up the dark eye circles but there’s no covering up lines. And also, in real life i think my face is quite chubby hahaha850515164_9694206655811447546This is the unedited version. The lines under my eyes aren’t as obvious here because of the angle and makeup, but if i take it from a lower angle….850619832_13798052999337249936 You can see the lines even under 2 layers of concealer. All these are unedited by the way!850516847_8224441032807148437And they look the worst from this angle haha my under-eyes have been my biggest insecurity, not in the sense that my self image is affected by it, but i notice that it’s usually the first thing that most people point out when they see me, with or without make-up.

“Why do you look so tired?”

“Didn’t sleep well yesterday?”

No I slept the whole day but there’s nothing I can do!!  So yea I get pretty tired always having to explain and it keeps being pointed out to me that my eyes look really tired, and I feel it distracts attention away from other parts of my face since the adage goes “the eyes are the windows to your soul”. And they say say say until I really do feel tired to match how I looked.

Before, I was quite apprehensive about getting any procedures done, be it because of the possible negative side effects or the fear that perhaps I wouldn’t like the outcome that much and I would have to live with it for awhile. But the clean and comfortable environment at their clinic and the warm atmosphere created by their helpful staff and doctors helped me feel more assured and confident. Also, when i went for my consultation, the clinic was packed! Which shows the great relationships and trust they have been able to build with their existing customers as well.

After a consultation, Dr J suggested that I should get some under-eye fillers and botox for my jaw. I was probably looking really afraid at the time because he kept assuring me that they are very simple and routine procedure and there was nothing to be worried about.
DSC03987On the day of procedure
DSC03989 Washing my face and make-up offDSC03994 Right beforeDSC03985

DSC03996 So this is me before850519058_6669378702386600636

850514772_17455971340856209195 This is WITH under-eye make-up and the lines still can be seen
850514272_1792879414887027893 And after!!

Without undereye makeup:DSC04148

DSC04151 No lines!DSC04149 Just dark eye circles which I really can’t do much about right now as an overworked college studentDSC04172 with harsh lightingDSC04150 And with makeup!DSC04217

DSC04227 Even with my hair pulled back my jawline looks slimmer and sharper as compared to this….850613041_8523021409546144177HAHA so unglamorous but i was trying to show Jin these pair of sunglasses I regretted buying (for good reason too. I’m a human fishball.)DSC04177 No depression lines from the sideDSC04162And another picture i took with no editing
All the pictures i posted have no editing other than the first one that I used for comparison.

Overall, the procedures were quick and a maximum 3/10 pain level. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain though. The downtime was really short as well, I had some puffiness but did not experience any bruising and the results could be seen almost immediately. Although there was a slight tenderness at the injection point, I could wear makeup with no problems from the next day onwards.

I feel that overall my eyes look brighter, I look more awake and not exhausted all the time. The change to my eyes or my jaw isn’t drastic, which is what I appreciate as well because I didn’t want to change how I’d looked, just work with what I have and enhance it. I feel more confident going out with no make-up now and not having people ask me why I look so tired.

I was quite apprehensive before when it came to taking videos because video cannot edit my eye bags out but now I feel more confident and maybe I’ll start vlogging soon for the fun of it!

Before, even at the start of the day as I wash my face and I look at myself in the mirror, I see myself looking so tired, and I feel tired inside as well even though I literally just woke up. However, just a couple of days ago, after a 8am-10pm day in school, I went to the bathroom and when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t see an exhausted Stacey with deep eye bags under her eyes, but I looked, well perfectly normal. And that translated to a little boost of energy inside me as well and I felt like I could go home and finish the rest of my assignments. (I didn’t hahaha)

The Ministry of Health do not allow the mentioning of any clinic or doctor name in a blog.If you would like to check out where I have done my procedure in, kindly email

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