Best Eyelash Extensions I’ve Ever Had!!

Hello you! It’s been forever and I have much updating to do, but first things first, EYELASH EXTENSIONS. This journey of my love/hate relationship with false eyelashes began a long while ago, I’d say starting from when I was 18 (alright it hasn’t been that long I’m not that old yet).

Anyway, I’ve always loved the volume falsies gave my lashes, it opened up and deepened my eyes, almost making me transform into a whole new person; however, they’re fucking uncomfortable. So I turned to wearing them only on occasion, special nights out with my girls, photoshoots, clubbing etc. But that sorely defeats the purpose – looking good meant I enjoyed less of whatever occasion I felt I had to look good for. Perhaps it’s the quality of the eyelashes I purchased as well, but in addition to the stiffness of the “backbone” of the falsies, I felt that the weight of them was unbearable. Not to mention the ordeal of removing the residue of glue the next morning. Heavy lashes meant tired eyes, tired eyes meant cranky Stacey, cranky Stacey meant she’ll just go home and sleep. So yea what the hell for.

I went without falsies for awhile, deciding that the inconvenience was just not worth it. Then came the epiphany – eyelash extensions. I’ve always known their existence but just never considered the idea of it. Perhaps due to the price and the fact that there are numerous stalls out there, I did not know where to go to get them done and I definitely did not intend to spend 100+$ to find out they were shit. But as one fateful day would have it, I had too much time on my hands and a stall in Far East Plaza was having a promotion for first timers.

It was the worst experience of any aesthetic service I have ever had. Absolute worst.

The glueing of the first eyelash extension onto my eyelash came with a searing pain, followed by a good half an hour of tearing. Then came the reassurance of the beautician that this is “normal” and “glue hurts”. That was pretty much when I knew I fucked up. After the torturous procedure was completed, I even had to hold a tiny fan in front of my face for 10 minutes to let the glue dry (wtf?), I sat there with my eyes glued shut thinking about how clean the fan was and the amount of bacteria it was currently spewing into my face. When I was done, I opened my eyes and tried to look at my eyelashes through whatever view my swollen eyes would allow and they were too long. Fml. Being a eyelash extension noob I just went with what length the beautician suggested and opted for a softer lash. The lashes were thick and the blackest of blacks; the length was so extreme it could almost touch my brows. Needless to say, I did not go back. And pretty much swore off eyelash extensions as well. Resigned to my fate of short eyelashes and one dimensional eyes.

If you’ve read all the way through, I can assure you I’m not this dramatic in real life. Most of my friends though, would beg to differ haha

I have been approached by some eyelash extension sponsors in the past but have always been weary. UNTIL!!! The lovely people from EyeDesign popped me a little dm offering their services! I did a little clicking and was pleasantly surprised to find that they are a JAPANESE salon!! If you know me, you would know I am obsessed with EVERYTHING Japanese. So yes, definitely if I were to put my stumpy eyelash trust into the hands of anyone, it would be the Japanese.

They messaged me in July when I was still in LA, so I made an appointment for August when I would return, I was happy to find that their response and service was very quick despite the 16 hour time difference!

Fast forward to today, THESE ARE THE BEST EYELASH EXTENSIONS I HAVE HAD and frankly, I believe will ever have. Allow me to elaborate:

DSC03916 When I first stepped in, I was greeted by an inviting atmosphere, clean environment and very Japanese salon design. Obviously love at first sight, this place screams Muji.DSC03919 EyeDesign is a eyelash extension salon by Devonshire Selected Salons. Basically they’re a group started by professionals from Japan, who aim to bring the best salons in Tokyo to Singapore. They have two hair salons and one eyelash extension salon.ZQNLY When you enter, you’ll see the Maris Hair & Treatment salon on your right and the Eye Design studio on your left. I love that everything is so authentically Japanese; EyeDesign is one of Tokyo’s most trusted lash extension chains and I’m so glad they’re here now in Singapore!

Products here are produced inhouse to ensure the highest quality ingredients and minimize the occurrences of any allergic reactionsDSC03918 I sat in this comfy couch as I waited and was given a form to fill out, detailing my past eyelash extension experiences, what kind of lashes I was expecting etc. Shortly after, Yumiko, my therapist for the day came out and talked about the different type of lashes they have and which suited my eyes the best. She suggested the airy lash which is the most popular option and I told her I would like a more cat eye effect rather than doll eyed. And also I wouldn’t like them too long (lol throwback to my last extensions that were so long I could probably tie them in a pony tail. jk I exaggerate).

Airy lashes are available from 2D-6D, meaning there are 2-6 lashes on one lash tip that will be glued to your natural eyelash. Hence giving you the volume without sticking too many individual lashes on.


DSC03920 Do not be fooled, the blankets they give you are ultra soft and I felt like melting under the covers.
DSC03907 Left: Started Application Right: Bare Lashes

The entire experience was 100% painless and soooo comfortable. In fact, I fell asleep during the application multiple times and Yumiko had to keep shifting my head because I was nodding off repeatedly HAHA It felt like she barely put anything on because I could feel NOTHING on my eyes and I was so surprised to see lashes that framed my eyes perfectly. The entire process took about 1.5 hours and I did not have to fan or any of that nonsense ever!!

IMG_2016-08-08 13:56:28This is 1 week after application, and it’s still so damn comfy i think wearing contact lenses are more uncomfortable than this. Sometimes I actually forget that I have lash extensions on and I get surprised when I look in the mirror lol downside of this is also I accidentally rub my eye… but the glue they use is quality and despite the accidental rubbing only 1 lash has dropped!

On me I have 400 Airy Lashes and Yumiko chose the perfect length for me, 9-11mm, which was long enough to give me enough volume but not too long so it still looked natural.

DSC03927The following day I met up with Rocio and she was so in love with my new lash extensions as well!! By the way, she also swore off lash extensions but after seeing mine was seriously reconsidering getting hers done as well.

DSC03934Randomly add in some of the amazing food i ate that day.

IMG_2016-08-08 13:56:21And back to more selfies woohoo!! Been taking them non stop now because I LOVE MY LASHES. Definitely going to go back for more!! They do lower eyelash extensions too so will be trying that out!!

Good news they have a promotion now as well!

Enjoy Unlimited eyelash if your are new to EyeDesign!
$100 (Natural eyelash) and $130 (Airy eyelash)

You can see their price list at

Eye Design

60 Tras Street #02-01/02
Singapore 078999
Tel +65 6221-2855/ +65 97735401 

Opening hours: 11am-9pm. They’re closed on Tuesdays!

It’s super convenient to get there as well! just a 5 min walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt. This is a plus for me of course. Firstly, I hate the humidity and heat in Singapore. Secondly, you do your lashes until so chio then let sweat ruin it all. NO WAY.

So yes, please do check them out if you’re looking around for a good lash extension place. I highly recommend it, confirm no regrets haha.

Till next time!


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