Arts District, Los Angeles

Hi I’m back!! After a terribly long hiatus I’ve finally returned to this blog. If you don’t know already, I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles, California for school! I moved here in December but I haven’t posted much about it at all haha many people have been asking me to post more pictures of my travels so here’s a small photo dump of where i went exploring yesterday! I guess i’ll write more about my experiences in time to come but school has just been so crazy and enjoyable, social media has become a chore hahaDSC03315Went to a Japanese Buddhist Temple as research for an Cultural Anthropology project I’m working on in school. Been toying with the idea of double majoring in Psych and Anthro or at least minoring in Anthro or Sociology. DSC03312 DSC03314Somehow wherever I go, I end up gravitating towards anything Japanese. Hopefully Waseda works out!!(hehehe) So refreshing to see authentic Japanese culture in downtown LA!
DSC03301 DSC03306Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

815 East First St

Los Angeles, CA 90012DSC03321After that I went to grab sushi! I found myself in lil tokyo, so how could I resist the temptation of sushiDSC03323 DSC03326 Sushi Go 55

333 S Alameda St

Los Angeles, CA 90013

DSC03357 Got lost while walking back to my car and stumbled upon the Arts District area! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.DSC03381 DSC03346 DSC03349 DSC03356 DSC03355 DSC03348 DSC03345 DSC03344 DSC03342 DSC03341 DSC03366POKETO FLAGSHIP
820 E 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013 DSC03365 DSC03360 DSC03363 DSC03364DSC03362 DSC03361 DSC03367 Missed out the name of this place! But I loved the vibes and had a coffee outside too. Probably enjoyed my latte too much i forgot to take a picture haha
DSC03373 Omotesando vibes~~~DSC03369 DSC03371 DSC03368 DSC03358 DSC03377 DSC03339 DSC03335 DSC03333 IMG_6204 DSC03359

Till next time! And i promise that will be soon haha I have a ton of pictures from my trip with Jin to Tokyo before i came to LA 🙂


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