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Under Armour Women of Will Workout

Hey everyone!:) I’ve been going for classes like Yoga and MMA at the Armour at the Bay events @ Fullerton Bay, and i’ve always got a good workout from it. If you’ve been wanting to join some of the classes we go to but the schedule (every Tuesday 6.30pm/7.30pm) doesn’t work in your favour, or you paiseh to join for the first time….i have great news! Under Armour has organised the WOMEN OF WILL Workout for us ladies to come together to work out and to show our support for breast cancer awareness and fitness as a lifestyle!

Where: Capitol Piazza

When: This Saturday, 7 November 2015. 3;30pm onwards.

Who: Open to everyone of all fitness levels! There are different classes available, just have to choose those you’re more comfortable with. As having been to these classes personally, i can assure you that the instructors are very attentive and patient to make everyone of all fitness levels are well accommodated to. Also, if you have any previous injuries or discomfort, just let them know beforehand and they’ll be able to swop out some exercises to ones that better cater to your needs. This is all possible due to the smaller class size too!

There are workouts such as yoga, spinning, Pilates, CrossFit and MMA led by established gyms, so sign up with your girlfriends and let’s workout together!
The event also has sharing sessions by Under Armour athlete and national tennis player Sarah Pang, as well as the Paddlers in Pink, a dragon boat team of breast cancer survivors and supporters from the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation.
Each session is only $10 and all proceeds go to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation! This is also open to both men and women.
Have fun!!