Forgotblueberry x Desperados Weekend at HHN5

Yay finally blogging about my weekend with Desperados! So if you follow me on instagram (@staceymanoharan) you’d know, a couple of weeks ago, i went to the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore @ Resorts World Sentosa for a weekend and also Halloween Horror Nights 5 at USS all thanks to the lovely people Desperados.

They sent a driver to pick us up and we got to Sentosa in the morning. Hadn’t had breakfast and because check in was at 3pm, we went looking around for a place to eat. Settled on a local food court kinda place next to USS and had some pork rib noodle thing.

DSC00748DSC00757Did a bit of shopping the went to the aquarium!
DSC00814 MORE FISH. It was halloween themed that day so there was bones and skulls everywhere pretty cool
After the aquarium the timing was just nice to check in!DSC00961They pimped out our room and it was AMAZING. Really appreciated the effort and detail that went into all of it.DSC00981 Great way to start the day wwwDSC00984 DSC00967 To be completely honest, i’ve only tried Desperados once or twice before this and it was whilst having other alcoholic drinks so i couldn’t fully appreciate it. But after this, (i’m not paid to say this) it’s pretty darn good. Not too bitter, a bit fruity and refreshing, best of all, 5%. Need i say more.DSC00958 DSC00975 Like i said, detailed.DSC00978 DSC00972DSC00987DSC00990Received my mystery box which contained my 3 challenges for the day!DSC00993DSC00999DSC01002DSC01005DSC01017All the stuff in the box! For our first challenge we had to take a flat lay of all the items in the box. For the second, it was to take a selfie with a 20 year old, the same age as Desperados! And for the third, it was to take an ootd after a great weekend with Desperados.
DSC01068Pretty cool themed mirror in the room *rockstar dressing room vibes*

————–DSC01065Later at night we headed for our night at HHN5 at USS!

DSC01023IMG_0982DSC01035 DSC01038
They even included express tickets for us so we queued maybe max 10 mins for each ride? It was awesomeDSC01059 DSC0106205FA052C-B123-4514-A6AC-14058B6BD505DSC01044IMG_0990 Cool Desperados cups that light up! I really like how they try to make everything so different and eye-catching.


Next morning we had chinese for breakfast lunch hahaDSC01071 DSC01077DSC01089And spent the rest of the day at the “beach”DSC01099 This is the pool in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore @ Resort World Sentosa  and i actually found it so convenient haha i really wanted to go to the beach but didn’t want to travel so far so this was a great compromise. And plus the sand was artificial so you didn’t get that sandy grimy feeling in your toes.DSC01102 DSC01105

That’s it for my weekend! I had an awesome time with Desperados and the people there are so friendly and patient couldn’t have wished for more.

I’m so sorry i haven’t been posting much but now as work slows down i definitely will. Especially since i’m going to be travelling to Japan and LA soon!

Till the next adventure!








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