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Perth, Australia [4]

CAN I JUST GO BACK TO PERTH NOW:'( so sick of the Singapore heat…. we went to Swan Valley that day and visited more wineries and got even more drunk than i usually am haha At first i thought the were horses, and exclaimed “horsies!”one too many times, then this kid came up to me and was like “it’s a cow.” lol fml see la never wear glasses. Honey farm. THERE WERE BEES EVERYWHERE.Sa Aforementioned kid that burned my ass earlier. Winery number i don’t know how many Beautiful vineyard ft. my swollen eye and i
Is this hipster enough yet. Cheeseeeeee The design of the facility was pretty awesome “Look at all this space!” lol dad pls. yea you know what’s up Needless to say i stuffed my face and only regretted it 2 hours later.

Till next time cuties!

Will blog about my airpot haul:)


Perth, Australia [3]

Went exploring with the fam bam and chanced upon the blue house that i keep seeing everyone take pictures with. So what else to do but to take pictures with it too right?? Asians Vineyard #1 IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1597 IMG_1602 IMG_1604 IMG_1608 IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1623 IMG_1626 IMG_1636 IMG_1643 IMG_1634 IMG_1630 IMG_1646 IMG_1636 IMG_1654 I drank too much and ko-ed outside lol IMG_1659 Ya i’m wearing the same dress (don’t judge) because i literally boarded the plane with one carry on. My tiny bucket bag hahaha IMG_1663 Chocolate FactoryIMG_1665 IMG_1670 IMG_1675 FREE CHOCOLATE ALL OF THIS So naturally…. EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE LOL  IMG_1672 Papa mano Looked better than it tasted tbh

Exciting (or maybe just exciting for me) news soon!!

Hope your week is going awesome! If it isn’t, well then it can only get better from here right!!!

Till then cuties