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Hello everybody who still reads this!! hahaha obviously social media and keeping up a blog isn’t exactly my forte…but i’m trying!! Believe it or not this is the longest i have kept a blog active IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. So i think i deserve a hug, or 5 shots of vodka. And also! I’ve figured out how to make my photos larger in my posts, but with the increase in size comes the decrease in resolution. Although adjusting the sharpness etc of the photos would help that, i don’t think that effort is required for a post y’all would have already seen, am i right? (just trying to justify yet another form of my laziness) I will try my best for the quality of my Europe trip photos though, especially since i (tried to) put in a lot more effort for those hahaha

On the 28th of Feb, my parents and i decided to ship our asses off to Europe for a month long holiday. We were meant to go to London for my mom’s graduation (she finally got her masters!!) but then she decided to plan a whole trip around it. So we left all the planning to her, me and my dad literally got on the plane not knowing where we were headed next. Actually the only things that were planning were flights and accommodation, only after we got there then we decided what we’d do. Alright alright so pictures!


IMG_7604 IMG_7610 IMG_7605 IMG_7623


Yay Edi came to send me off at 6am in the morning :’) (i look gross)



I super love the airport lounge because they had an osim massage chair for each guest hahah


Who doesn’t love free korean instant noodles?






Sigh my skin…i was determined to mask everyday on the trip and come back flawless HAHA


We arrived at London night time, so this is a picture of our apartment building haha being a total tech whiz, i lost these first few photos i took with my camera…so i just have pictures of the picture for you sorry:( (it’s just for the first day though!!)


Organic grocer just opposite our apartment



The 4 drawers that held everything i needed for the next week.


THIS WOULD HAVE MADE SUCH A NICE PICTURE *cries* my dad made that for breakfast the next day haha


Panorama of our living room. We rented a service apartment for most of the trip.


Day 2 OOTD. Spent most of the day exploring (pictures in next post)



Okay that’s all for now!!


I haven’t been doing much nowadays because i’ve been down with a fever for the past WEEK. causing me to miss out on a lot of work:( but i’ve got a lot of castings, jobs and shoots coming up so i’m psyched!! I think if this happened to me a month ago, i’d be dealing with it a lot more negatively. But i’ve learnt a lot of things from my short one, two months of “modelling” and it’s nice to look back and see how you’ve changed, how your perspectives of things change and you deal with things differently. I’m not saying i’m super mature or whatever (ask edi he’d be the first to tell you i’m not haha) but it’s always nice to see you’re slowly getting there:)