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2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition

Hello! So Edi and i went to the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition yesterday, this has got to be my most punctual post ever. Actually i’m just really bored at home nowadays…anyway, this exhibition has been open since 20 November 2013 and will stay open till 15 May 2014, 10am- 10pm daily. Admission for adults (which means us, boohoo no more student price) was $38, and kids are $20+? I think children of all ages are allowed in, just that they need to be accompanied by an adult. And get this, your ticket is valid all the way till the end of the exhibition, so you can continue to go in till 15 May haha they provide coat rentals at the entrance, but it’s like $20 a coat? So not worth it. I brought a thick winter jacket (lol #survivor) and wore skinny jeans and flats, that was good enough to keep me comfortable and yet able to enjoy the cold. But i would suggest to wear boots like Dr Martens, because a lot of ice got into my flats…and oh boy my toes were not having a good time.  AND even though they say 2 DEGREES ICE EXHIBITION, it was -15 DEGREES in there, complete misrepresentation but hey i’m not complaining.

I was pretty excited for this because i heard there was going to be an Ice Slide attraction, Snow Times and a mug smashing thing at the Ice Bar. And of course, because it was going to be so damn cold (i don’t know why but i love freezing my ass off). I expected the Ice Slide to be pretty mild honestly since kids were allowed, BUT holy shit i think i hurt my lower back, the worker there took the opportunity to swing me as hard as he can down the slide (which you will see in a bit in the video at the end of this post, woohoo video!). We missed the Snow Time (happens at the Ice Slide area) which was at 430 and 7pm, but there was still some “snow” left on the ground. I expected the Ice Bar to be in the ice exhibition area too, but it was completely separate, meaning you can just go to the Ice Bar and not have to go for the exhibition. A beer was $15, complete with the Ice Mug and everything, but it was happy hour (till 8pm everyday) so Edi and I got one each to smash. And that’s about $8 a beer with GST and everything, which is pretty good if you ask me. The Ice Bar was completely empty, so it was just us two playing inside hahah the tables and chairs were completely made out of ice, reminded me a lot about the Ice Hotel i went to in Finland. The rental coats there are free so Edi and i got one each, so we could spend as much time in there as possible haha #survivors. I’d probably go back to the Ice Bar again, really enjoyed it, probably because Edi was there with me too heh

So, here are the pictures, hardly any but there’s a video at the end! Hope you enjoy it!




The most impressive “ice sculpture” to me, because it actually looked carved, the rest looked like pieces of ice from moulds joined together.20140108-132811.jpg

The place blackout-ed for a bit, i thought it was pretty nice seeing the ice not illuminated, i wasnt a big fan of the neon lights.



Shitloads of ice mugs we were tempted to smash






Our ice beers!!


Small hut where you can smash your mugs

After the entire ice thing, we headed over to Au Chocolat in MBS for dinner, i was pretty disappointed by the truffle fries (and i’m someone who loves everything truffle) but the Mac n Cheese and Beef bourguignon were good, a bit too rich for either of us to finish the whole portion.




All in all, it was a pretty good day. The Ice Exhibition made me feel like i was in a different country with Edi haha like a little holiday hahaha you guys should try to go if you can! Enjoy the videoooo